We have started broadcasting games over the internet this year and are having a learning curve. I would just like to list a few things that will help you understand the ups and downs of this type of broadcasting.

We use an app called “The Cube”  that is available through the iTunes or Android Play stores. Our broadcasts can also be viewed through a browser (Google Chome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer). You do not have to have an account with them to watch. I have watched as a guest several times just to see what it looks like and it works fine. If you create an account it will allow you to follow Robert E. Lee Baseball on the cube and I believe you will get notifications when we schedule games.

The Quality of the broadcast signal is totally dependent on our internet speed. If we are at Mike Carter we have regular internet and all works well and we can broadcast at a higher quality. If we are at a road game we are having to use our Verizon internet through our iPad. When we use the builtin Verizon there is a good possibility that there will be signal drops and you might have to refresh the game now and again.

Also if the signal is not strong enough we may have to broadcast in “audio only” mode. It is unavoidable if our 4G is not strong enough.


We are normally aware when we are having issues and we have a few people who let us know if we are having issues. Sometimes our internet loses signal, sometimes the wind blows over our iPad, sometimes a cable comes loose. When we have a situation like this and you get the “Lost Stream” warning please check back shortly and we will have it back up and running as soon as possible.

Sometimes it helps if you close the app and reopen the game.


We try to schedule the games on our Cube before the game time but sometimes we just start a live stream. We try to get every game up prior to the start and will continue to make our best efforts to do so. If it is not listed it will be up 10-15 minutes before the game unless there is a special circumstance where we can’t broadcast.

One last thing. If you can be on home internet (cable, DSL, FIOS, etc.) you will be much better off and have great results on your end.

Thank you to all of our fans during this learning process!! We love you guys for the support you show our team and will do the best to provide you with broadcasts that are as fun as possible!

Now to listen/watch a game click the image below.

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